Put on the FULL armor...

In Ephesians 6 Paul tells believers that they will have to put on the FULL armor of God if they want to withstand the enemy. The enemy is scheming to disrupt our lives and we can withstand those schemes when we are outfitted properly.

But the secret is that YOU have to put it on. Too many people never grow up spiritually and are always relying on someone else to "dress" them for the day. When you were a kid that was alright. But as you and I mature, we must learn how to put our outfits on by ourselves. You may or may not have friends around you when adversity attacks. Paul is assuring us that no matter what comes, if you will put on your armor, you will survive.

Stop depending on others to get you ready and to get you through your struggles. Put on the entire outfit that God has provided for you. We will look at some of our wardrobe options tomorrow.


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