Forgiveness is the key

Some time ago I wrote of song about forgiveness. The verse and chorus went something like this:
When the pain runs deep within you
unkind words that have been said
and bitterness and anger dance around
inside your head
I can point you to the answer
for it lies in just one word
that makes you forget the pain
and all the things that you have heard

Forgiveness, can open heavens door
forgiveness, won't remember anymore
those feelings you keep holding to
give them to the Lord and you will see
Forgiveness is the key

Each of us has gone through or are in a season where we must use this key to unlock the door to our future. Without forgiveness we will be trapped forever. The natural response when something comes against you is to fight back. You know, eye for an eye mentality. There are times when you get ambushed and the attack is so terrible that you cannot do anything due to the shock. But the shock will wear off and when it does, anger and revenge are the next emotions to arrive. But remember this: it is God's job to handle justice and revenge. Your job is to release the happenings into His hands so that He can do that.

It's true, forgiveness can open a doorway to things that God has planned for your future. Don't let the past show up in your present and poison your future. God wants to handle the transition. Those feelings that you are holding on to...give them to the Lord. Today, get your key and unlock the doorway to the blessings of God for YOU!


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