Sword of the Spirit

One of my favorite weapons Paul mentions in Ephesians is called the sword of the spirit otherwise known as the spoken WORD of God. In the midst of an enemy attack, what we read and understand may need to be spoken out. The sword was attached to the belt we mentioned last week. The written word will have to be spoken in some situations.
The sword was heavy and of a broad design. It was used for stabbing and cutting. It was sharpened on both sides so that it could cut when swung in either direction. It required substantial effort to use it because it was so heavy. To memorize God’s Word and make it available to be used when necessary will require some effort but you can do it. Our kids are doing it. You can too!
When sickness hits...we say "by Jesus' stripes, I am healed" 1 Pet 2:24
When feeling pursued."no weapon formed against me will prosper" IS 54:17
When financial crisis hits "My God shall supply ALL of my need according
to His riches" Phil 4:19
When you need direction:Proverbs tells us "in all your ways acknowledge
him and he will direct your paths"
Bible commentators say that there are over 6000 promises in the bible that we can stand upon when in need of divine support. When in face to face combat with
these types of principalities and powers, it is not the time to be quiet but
rather to boldly use the Word, grab that sword and begin to swing it at the
trouble coming against you. Maybe today you need to develop your strategy of offense more fully.

Read the Word...live a righteous life...be prepared to bring peace to all the situations you are involved in...keep the faith...keep your helmet on: stay saved! And when touhg times come, speak out the truth that you know.


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