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4th Quarter

Today marks the end of the 4th quarter of 2008. In football, at the end of the 3rd quarter the players begin the 4th by holding up 4 fingers together and rallying the team one more time. One more quarter to play. Stay in the game, keep pressing on and doing all you can to win. That's the way we need to set ourselves up for the rest of this year!

I've been developing the art of approaching the Lord with boldness. My confidence in God comes as I learn how to talk to Him and how to listen. I have tried to trust the instincts that He has given me this year and move out in faith whenever He spoke to my heart or I felt compelled to do something. I have had 3 quarters of great playing time, exciting plays and yes, I have enjoyed the victory dance in the end zone many times. But the games not over. The year is not over. I have to go into the 4th quarter as if I just began, the same enthusiasm, the same tenacious spirit the same fire in my spirit. It's too soon to quit. I cannot let up. I keep speaking His word and telling the devil to leave every area of my life.

So hold up 4 fingers today...the 4th quarter is coming and we are still here, still fighting and we are ahead on the scoreboard. The game is ours if we can just keep doing our best and trust Him for the rest. 2008 is going to finish great!