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Attitude: its one of those things that can propel us to greatness or spiral us towards defeat. You have probably heard someone say that your attitude determines your altitude. In other words, if you want to rise to a higher level, you change your attitude. Coach Lou Holtz described attitude in comparison to ability and motivation. “Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

There are many things in the course of my day that I do which are really not fun. In fact, you could say that I don't like them at all. But these particular happenings are not by choice but rather part of my lot in life. I used to do them grudgingly while trying to consider that each time I did them I was planting a seed towards something great in the future. In reality, I was just bitterly doing them. So I was planting a bitter seed and expecting a non-bitter result.Then one morning I decided that I needed to change the way that I think. I needed an attitude adjustment! I began to look at some of these duties that I was doing as the harvest rather than the seed. I would teach myself to smile instead and I would start saying thank you Lord for the harvest!
These things are part of the wonderful harvest of being me!

Have the circumstances changed? No. Is there still a temptation to be bitter? Yes. But little by little I can see a change happening within me. My attitude is determining how my outcome shows up. Today, lift up your head, lift up your arms and thank the Lord right in the middle of those troubling situations. Circumstances won't always be what you desire but your attitude about them is YOUR choice. Rise above them and realize that gray skies are going to clear put on a happy face! Now that's a much better attitude!