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Six years ago on this day I experienced the darkest hour of my entire life. What would happen after that changed my heart, my life and my spirit. I was "forced" to mature in every area of my life and make some tough decisions. At this terrible moment in time, when I was out of breath and confused, I had to chose whether to run to the Lord or away from Him. That decision did not happen instantly. It took place over a few months time.
Scripture says that Jesus, for the joy set before Him(eternity with God) endured the cross, despising the shame. Today He looks over the canopy of heaven and makes intercession for us. Jesus was going through a very dark time. He was being crucified. Dead. But He wasn't looking at that. He was looking at what was on the other side. The joy of what was coming gave Him strength for what was happening. But I noticed something, He ENDURED it. To endure is to bear with resistance and patience.I don't think He got over it. It lingers and so do the lessons learned. The pain,confusion and hurt of what took place still hurts today. But you know what? I am still looking at what is ahead and the joy that will be restored in my life as I continue to draw close to the Lord. I endure and I keep walking in His direction.
I don't know what pains have been inflicted on you or what others may have done to you. I do know that you can run to the Lord or run away from Him. Many times we blame Him for what happened and WE create a wall that cannot be penetrated by our imposing blame upon Him. Today, through prayer, you can tear down that wall and breakthrough to the high road...a path that leads to the joy that He has for you. Run to Him. He will give you strength to endure. Don't worry about getting over it...just keep walking through it!