You look for it in athletes. You need it to run companies. It diminishes as you get older...physically speaking! Being flexible is a learned ability. It means not letting the small stuff keep you from doing the right stuff.
I was supposed to be in Texas today. My meeting was to be right where the hurricane hit. It was going to be a very exciting meeting and something I was so glad to be going to. All the arrangements were made: flights, hotel and then...it all changed. I went from being excited about me to praying for all of those that were evacuating and weathering the storm.
Sometimes weather changes. Sometimes jobs change. People change too. Jesus asked us to not be anxious about tomorrow because it will take care of itself. Did you know that we get the word anxiety from that word anxious. Anxiety destroys flexibility. It prohibits it too. Today, ask God to help you limber up. As someone once said, don't sweat the petty things: and don't pet the sweaty things! Be flexible!


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