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Get Your Feet Wet!

This summer at the community pool I was enjoying some time being a bit wet and wild. I was being refreshed by the water and burned by the sun and it was...fabulous! After splashing around for a bit, I took a break and began watching people. What I saw were three types of folks: edge walkers, waders and divers. The edge walkers would circle the pool, occasionally dipping a toe or foot in the water to check the temperature. The waders would start at the shallow end where the steps were and begin to walk in. Little by little they would move forward as the water level would rise up their bodies. The divers, well they were jumping in from all sides and doing it over and over again. The splash they created from diving in was fun to watch. All of them experienced the water but in very different ways.

Perhaps we approach projects in our lives the same way. I know at our church I see these three types of people. Some walk around the edges and look at all of the activities going on and once in a while may dip in for a meeting or a prayer. Some of them wade in a step at a time. They are cautious and reserved and move slowly. But they do move! And lastly, there are those divers! They seem reckless but they are always ready to leave the edge and enjoy the unknown splash into the whatever God is doing.

Today, think about your pool.(project/relationship/outreach) Are you an edge-walker, a wader or a diver? God uses all of them and they will all enjoy the water in the end. The goal for all of us is to get up off the lounge chair and start splashing around. It's time to get your feet wet!