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The "if" in Life

Seems that many of my days are spattered with unknowns. OK, every day of my life carries with it undisclosed variables: situations that I did not plan for, things that I did not anticipate and people that I don't really enjoy. Boy, that's brutally honest isn't it?

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser. Each day I am creating a picture. Unfortunately, on this instrument I am using(talents and abilities)there is no eraser. And still I continue to draw things at times that I really don't like. Why? Because I choose to control the pencil more often than not. When I draw, an eraser is almost always necessary. But when I allow the Lord to control the writing, there is no need for an eraser. He can take some lines that appear to be out of place and add another line or two to make something beautiful. Every shape, every line has value and is being used to make an incredible masterpiece. My son, Brandon, is an incredible artist. He can take a pencil and make a rose, a human eye, even Paul McCartney!
You can see them:just cut and paste this link in your browser (

Today, let go of the talent and ability that you try so hard to perfect and let God use it the way it was designed to be used. Commit to it. Go ahead and throw away all of the won't need them anymore!