Is it in you?

This week at our church we took what they call a spiritual gifts assessment test. The purpose of the test was to help us find our place in ministry by identifying the things that are already inside of us. Scripture tells us that God has "gifted" each of us with the ability to do certain things. Some of these are clearly evident and others seem to rise to the surface at just the right time. God gave each person something special according to the purposes that they are to serve in this world.

What amazed me as we talked a little about our results was how diverse the group was at our church. And just as the bible tells us, every gift was represented within the mid-week crowd that was there! We learned that we are a unit as a body of faith. We saw how God has placed many members within that one body with specific abilities and if we allow what is in us come out, well the end result will be incredible.

You too are gifted. Make sure you hear that! No matter what others have told you, how tough your life has been, you are gifted. God has a purpose for the gifts that He gave to you. Is it in you? Absolutely! Will it ever be utilized? Well, my friends, that is completely up to you!


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