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I've been a fan of UFC since Royce Gracie dominated the sport in the 90's. In fact you can still see me on the front row next to Carman in one of the early classics that was filmed in Tulsa! One of the modern day sponsors is a company called TapOut. It fits so well because the ultimate goal of this competition is to get your opponent to tapout. As someone who spends most of their life helping others keep fighting this cause a dilemma at times. I hear people say at church many times that they are burned out. They have no desire to keep burning...the flame is gone. And now, the country, the US of A and its American Dream philosophy is talking about the big bail-out.
The common thread in these three scenarios is that the people stop moving forward. They tapout, burnout and bailout. It's always too soon to quit. Fighting the good fight of faith should be our goal. Why? Because without faith we cannot please God. Faith can give us endurance when we really want to tapout. Faith can keep the fire burning and eliminate the burnout. And faith in God can allow you an peace that the world cannot understand in the midst of these financial issues.
Jesus said I am THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE. Perhaps all of us could focus on Him for a season and see what changes. Fear is not productive, in fact it is crippling. Keep the faith and you will overcome ALL your obstacles and rise above every crisis.