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40 Days of Communion

I never really thought about the benefits of the Lord's Supper before. It was always somewhat of a ritual that I did in whatever church I was going to at the time. There are two brothers in our church that have a dream. They bottle their own Communion juice straight from the vine and are using it along with a 40 Days of Communion devotional to take people back to the table. The mission: take Communion for 40 days in a row as your read the devotional and watch God transform your life. Families are never going to be the same again!

The last thing Jesus did before He went to the cross was break bread with his disciples. It was about communication, community and communion. The art of learning how to communicate with the Lord is crucial for success in todays world. When financial woes hit, when disaster strikes, talking to God and listening to His reply will be the most important thing you can do. As you develop communication, there will be a renewed sense of community. Appreciating the body of Christ, your neighbors, your co-workers will increase. Communion represent the common union we share at the table. Every denomination observes this sacred practice and it unifies our body, soul and mind.

We began the 40 day journey yesterday and I cannot wait to see how God uses this process to enlighten and energize us. If you would like to order this special personal Communion package which includes a bottle of juice and a 40 Days of Communion Devotional email your request to You may have never thought about Communion like this before. You may be looking for a way to bring the family back together or get your heart focused on the right things. It can all be found in the breaking of the bread and the drinking off the cup. This is truly a meal that heals and will transform you and your family bring you to the table again!