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Breaking Through

As a writer there are times when I feel like I have written everything that is in me. They call it writers block. It comes suddenly and when you least expect it. One of the ways they say to get through it is to write about it. So, my keyboard begins to type.
I wonder if anyone of you has ever felt empty? How do you refuel when you feel miles away from the filling station? Pray? Yes, I have been doing that. Read the Word? Yes, I've done that too. So what's left? Waiting. Wait...then wait some more...then a little longer. Tomorrow I will go to a book store and put myself in the middle of a literature storehouse. I could stay home and worry about how I am going to get unstuck. I could run around frantically and feel overwhelmed. But I feel like staying in the game. I feel like getting around books...people reading...journaling.

Sometimes life sticks and you need to re-oil the gears to get it going again. For every person it is different. For me, I will mix up my routine. I will cancel appointments that are scheduled and do something else to see if I can "shock" my system. I will pray for you, my reader, and trust that you may offer up a prayer for me to stop spinning my wheels and grab some traction to get out of this rut!

As the psalmist once said...fill my cup Lord!