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Two years ago today I preached the opening message in our new 38,000 square foot facility in Glenpool, Ok. We had surrendered our leased space of 6600 sq. feet and taken a huge step of faith. We had spent several weeks and hours in getting the facility cleaned up and putting our signature on it. As I think about that time I remember the awesome strength that I felt as God empowered us to take this step. I also remember the incredible fear that came upon me as thoughts of failing and biting off more than we could chew chased me.

Two years can do alot for a persons faith and for their maturity. The challenges have been many and the victorious stories have been even more. God has shown up in ways that I always hoped and if truth be told, probably never anticipated. Like an infant to a toddler, we have gone from formula to solid food and from relying on others to hold us to beginning to walk on our own a bit!

Maybe today you are believing for something HUGE! The step may look way to big for you to take but if God is prompting you, there is no better time to take a risk than right now. He will honor obedience and He will never let you fail. So pray and start taking steps. This may be your time to shine and to blossom into the wonderful creation that God has made you!