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OK, so we have suffered a while, been restored and strengthened. Now we conclude a great week with a two-fer: He will make us firm and steadfast. Stand firm is a command and we need to learn that when we have difficulty in standing firm He will help us. Stability is hard to come by in this day and age. Our money, our jobs and our relationships appear to be more volatile now than ever. But when we take a firm stand, God keeps us on the path...steadfast. To be steadfast means to be diligent, consistent, trustworthy and dependable. Can God count on you to speak up for Him in a day of adversity? Are you firm and steadfast or do you waver and find that you are indecisive? The bible tells us that a double-minded man is unstable in ALL his ways. It goes so far as to say that this type of man should not expect anything from the Lord!

Life comes at us fast. Life hits hard. The enemy still tries to kill, steal and destroy. But if you will develop the habit of resisting the attacks and the temptations, God will have your back. He will cover you with His power and bring you back to your original state. You don't have to give in and you should never give up. His grace is sufficient for you and anything that your are going through. Keep going! This is going to be a great weekend for you. Stand firm, stay focused and maintain your course!

P.S. Don't forget to turn your clocks back tomorrow night!