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Good and Angry

Have you ever thought about what makes God angry? When we talk about anger issues and anger management we usually look at this emotion in a negative light. I wonder if it is possible to get good and angry? In fact the bible does say, "be angry and sin not".
When Jesus walked into the house of prayer and saw that it had been turned into a Target Store he was angry. He flipped over tables and everyone there knew exactly how he felt about what was happening. He was good...and angry!
Are you angry when you see people not using the gifts that God gave them? Do it bother you when people make excuses for doing what God is asking of them because of human weaknesses or low self-esteem? What are you doing with that anger?
Today, let the goodness and grace of God rise within you and help those that are missing the mark. Let anger compel you to get do something. Release it! Be angry, just don't be disobedient. Why don't you try getting good and angry today!
And remember, cast all of your cares and concerns on the Lord. Let go at the end of the day and rest in His presence. Don't let the sun go down on your anger!