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Humility began this process. Resisting the devil and standing firm followed. Then the suffering hit. But after the suffering comes the blessing of God. The first thing mentioned after the suffering is that He will RESTORE us. To restore means to bring back to the original state. To bring back to its designed function or condition.
Spiritual warfare takes its toll on anyone that chooses to follow Christ. It is challenging. It hurts at times. You wish to quit at times. But somewhere in the process, God shows up and that grace begins to bring you back to the original condition that you were in before you were hurt and wounded. Its as if nothing traumatic had ever happened.
Maybe you have lost someone important to you. God will RESTORE. Maybe your friends have all left and abandoned you. God will bring you back to a place where you are surrounded by more friends than you had when all the suffering began! God is in the restoration business. He founded the extreme makeover. Keep resisting and keep standing. You've got absolutely nothing to lose!