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One of my favorite moments in life is when I can actually sit at the table and enjoy a meal with my kids. It used to be frequent but as they have grown older and schedules are filled with activity these moments are rare. With one son in Nashville the whole group getting together can only be organized on holidays.Perhaps that is why this time means so much more. It's at the table that I find out what they are thinking. I hear their laughs and stories and there is an intimacy developed that does not show up as vivid any other place.
I have been reading our new 40 Days of Communion Devotional and taking "personal" communion for the last 12 days. It has produced in me some very tender moments with the Lord. As I have come to the table and remembered His life, death and resurrection He has shown me my life in a wonderful new way. But it has been challenging. I have had my time at His table fought for by superfluous things. But as I have pressed through I have always found Him right there, waiting for me and spending time with me.
Don't get me wrong, I've had devotional times before...prayers prayed, words read but nothing that has brought me such divine intimacy as the breaking of bread and the pouring of His cup each day. It seems as I have drawn closer to Him that certain things in my life have been exposed...not so I would feel condemned but so I could be made clean and well again. Perhaps He is once again preparing me for the supernatural? To go to founding a church after 20 years of service within the Christian music industry was quite a culture shock but it has produced some of the most fabulous rewards. That was supernatural. I can only imagine where He wants to go know. Perhaps I am just getting cleaned up and dressed up for the next season? One thing is certain: our time at the table will help make me able to do anything that He desires.
Are you spending time "at the table" with those that matter to you? Maybe personal communion is a way that you can again be intimately connected to your Lord and directed to His plan and purpose?