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Joetry: "Believe"


Oh Lord I just want to talk to you
these things I’m going through are hard to bear
and Lord, (you know) the way seems so unclear
I wish that you were here to show me now
just what’s been happenin’ to me
Help me to believe

Oh Lord, can I walk another mile
It seems I lost my smile along the way
and Lord, will the road lead back to you
there’s nothin’ I can do but trust this
feelin’ that your Word’s doin’ in me
Help me to believe

Oh Lord, can I go another way
you know I’m so afraid of what I’ll see
and Lord, you know it’s hard in times like these
in my heart I know that it’s your Word
and all your promises are true
I’m going to make it through(for now I see)
Lord, it’s time to just believe