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Strengths and Weaknesses

More men fail through ignorance of their strength than fail through knowledge of their weakness.
Think about that for a moment. Strengths and weaknesses. I've spent the majority of my life trying to strengthen my weaknesses. Then suddenly I realized that if I would spend that time strengthening my strengths, my weaknesses would get stronger in the process.
We all know what our weaknesses are. In fact we probably talk about them or think about those things often. But do we know what our strengths are? If not, try asking those closest to you today. Ask someone that knows you pretty well, someone that you spend a great deal of time with to tell you what they think about you! Maybe its your best friend or your parent. Perhaps a brother or sister.
I am always surprised when people tell me what they consider to be my strengths. Many times I would never have said the same things but when I take some time to ponder their thoughts, I realize something more about myself. You can find out much by listening to what others think about you.
Today, accentuate your strengths and watch your weaknesses begin to diminish.