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Suffer a "little while"

Yesterday we began to talk about some of the benefits of getting rid of the devil and getting into the good grace of God. You will notice the part of the verse I am highlighting today that says, :after you have suffered a little while". I guess we could assume that resisting the enemy and standing firm is going to be somewhat painful. I prefer to not suffer at all. So in this phrase I ficus on the words "little while". I can handle just about anything if I know pain if I am assured that it will end. And in my life, most of the trauma and most of the pain does indeed pass.
If you are going to pursue your dreams, follow Christ, resist the devil and take a firm stand against the principalities and powers of darkness, you will suffer...for a little while. So you get ready for it. You hang on and stay in the fight and you hold on to that promise that this "suffering" will just be for a little while.
Now that you know it is inevitable, press on and stay strong. Build up your endurance muscles. You will experience the grace of God and it will be bringing you some amazing things. When will they come? In a "little while"!