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The Tide Always Comes Back

Every once in a while I get to go to the beach and reflect and write. Most of the time as I sit on the shore gazing at the deep blue ocean a life lesson is right there in front of me. The tide was out and many of the shallow water creatures were just laying there on the dry shoreline. It appeared that life was over and that this morbid scene would be forever etched in my mind. In a matter of hours, the tide rolled back in and it looked as if nothing had happened before.

Often life has a way of washing away all that we work for and all that is important to us. Spiritually and emotionally we might find ourselves in a dry place, discarded and abandoned. The good news is that the tide always comes back. Life's ebb and flow go in rhythm with God's creative life purpose. There will be times when shallow waters will expose us and times when the waves of refreshing come and saturate us. Getting to know the signs of the tide will help us adjust to all that is happening around us. Are you in a dry patch right now? Don't worry...the tide always comes back!