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Anything Goes

Anything goes when everythings gone: it's a lyric from a country song I heard the other day. It made me chuckle because I know exactly what that means. When life transitions unexpectedly and you find yourself turned upside down, common sense and logic are fleeting. Reckless abandon takes over. Anything goes.
For me personally I found that my greatest struggles came from within. I wanted to justify the fact that anything goes simply because everything was gone. But everything was not gone! I had to look closer. I needed a new perspective.
When you get backed up into a place where you try to justify crazy behavior, you need to ask God to let you see with different eyes. To see what is left and not what was lost. When you invite the Lord into your circumstance everything comes! He will not hold back any good thing from you. Look at it this way: anything's possible when everything's in His hands!