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It Is What It Is

A fact it was USA Today's #1 cliche of 2004! You have probably heard it before. It states the obvious and leaves the rest to interpretation. It has no leaves the mind dangling. I've heard it used by business execs, coaches and preachers too. Most folks would translate it like Tony Soprano...fagetaboutit!

When I use it it is more definitive.It really means...yes, it happened. But I am going to move on and I am going to get passed is what it is. There is no reason to argue with it is what it is. There's no purpose in trying to retaliate is what it is. There is absolutely no reason to stay in this place because...ok, you got it! It is what it is!

So if things start to go wrong for you this week...if the tide starts to change...if circumstances become strenuous, remember these five words and move past is what it is!