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Let's Roll!

An amazing season has come to an end and the voting is over...the world has spoken and the President is Barak Obama. Is everyone happy about it? Of course not. But the fact that young people who may have never voted came out to participate and that boundaries that had hindered us for years were pressed through, this was truly historic. Whether you voted for him or not is no longer the issue. Now we move forward. We look ahead. Now we roll!
The first thing we do today is thank the Lord for the process and for the result. Remember, "in everything give thanks!" Thank you Lord for all of those people that have gotten involved in the system to start this moment in history and thank you that they will continue to be involved and let their voice be heard as we move forward. Now is the time to intensify the prayer, hold those that serve us accountable and keep our eyes on the prize. We have our man, he has passion and he has a way with people which is clearly evident in the polls.

It's a new day in America and its time to get out of this complacency and into our place to be. Our place is one where people trust God, love each other and look out for the greatest good of the nation. It's time to put opinions and attitudes aside. To abandon prejudices and cross party lines to bring unity to government and to the nation. If we remain faithful to God, pray for those that lead us and keep using the voice that God has given us, ALL things are possible.

Praise the Lord for a country that allows you to grow, learn and become all that you were destined to be. Congratulations Mr. Obama, this is your time; this is our time. God bless you and God bless the United States of America!