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Recipe for a Perfect Thanksgiving Part 2

OK so we have our deep dish pan of FAITH and we’ve added our first ingredient of JOY taken right from the 1st Book of Thessalonians Chapter 5 and verse 16. Add to that and endless amount of PRAYER… not just a pinch…keep pouring and pouring and pouring. Pray without ceasing, continually. Now that does not mean that you cannot do anything else but pray. What the writer was wanting us to understand is that you develop a lifestyle of prayer. Pray for people that God places on your mind. Pray for those that you love. And yes, pray for those that you don’t love so much! After making sure that you have JOY and PRAYER in the mix, finish it off with a heaping helping of THANKSGIVING. Give thanks in ALL circumstances. NOT FOR all of them but IN all of them. God is working something out for your benefit and when you learn how to let go and let God, believe me, the end result tastes better than you expected. Mix together thoroughly all of these ingredients with love and let bake until ready.

Be joyful always, pray continually and in everything give thanks. Why? Because THIS IS the will of God in Christ Jesus for YOU! It’s the recipe for a perfect Thanksgiving feast. It’s how we develop a gracious lifestyle. Gratitude takes on three forms: a feeling in the heart, an expression in words and a giving in return. It is from the word gratitude that we get gratefulness. I have heard people discuss many times the need for us to have an attitude of gratitude. As we mature with this attitude and develop it, that gratitude blossoms into thanksgiving. And for the believer, thanksgiving is not just part of our very nature; it’s our very lifestyle. We don’t just enjoy Thanksgiving, we develop Thanksliving!

For many folks there are no big dinner tables and close family and friends. For those God promises to mix up all of these ingredients in a very special way and serve you just what you needed at just the right time. This could be the year for your miracle. Are you going to be ready for it!