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Reflecting on the 40 Days of Communion

Yesterday I completed my personal journey of 40 Days of Communion. It was not only a renewing experience for me spiritually but it caused me to re-evaluate many things that I do on a daily basis. Something very "spiritual" happens when you meet the Lord at His table every day. It reminds me of what mealtime used to be like for me when I was growing up. You get insight into what is happening within the family and you have some great fellowship and occasionally some new revelation. For me these same things happened during this 40 day period. I felt like I had an inside track on what was taking place "in the family" of God. I had some refreshing fellowship encounters and even received some divine revelation as the journey progressed.

One thing is certain. I look at Communion in a completely different way after doing this. If you have never tried this personally I encourage you to do so. The idea has been developed by some of my friends and I predict that it won't be long and people all over the world will be talking about daily communion. Enjoy your weekend, read your Bible and please remember to worship at a church of your choice. It will make such a difference in ALL that you do!