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Romans 4:17

If you have been in church for any time at all you have probably heard the preacher talk about a God who calls things that are not as though they are. That scripture is found in Romans 4:17. I've heard it too. I have even used it. And still many people do not understand how you can make something happen that is not already happening. The great part about our journey of faith is that you do not have to understand it for it to work. I do not have to know how my cars engine is functioning to enjoy the benefits of driving that car. If it ever breaks down, I go to someone that understands it to make it work again. Our lives are no different.

Jesus spoke of things coming as if they were already there. We call it faith. It is sort of like what happens when you use a camera. You find the person or thing you want to photograph, you point your camera in that direction, you focus on the image and then you snap it. What you focus on develops into the picture that you saw. Think about saw that picture before it was even created! The problem with most of us is that we point and shoot at things that we do not want. Our focus is on the wrong images.

What are you shooting with your spiritual camera today. You have the opportunity to have whatever you see develop. If you don't like the pictures that you are developing, stop taking those images and start shooting something else! Use your faith to get you in position...then focus on what you want and take the picture. Whatever you focus on will develop! Why don't you on some good things and take some new pictures today!