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All Things Are Possible

Yesterday was a first for me and for The Landing. I was preaching in South Carolina at St Helena Baptist Church and in Glenpool Oklahoma at The Landing at the same time! I spent a great deal of time getting ready in Tulsa and preparing a message and filming it before I flew to South Carolina. I found out that filming a service takes much more effort and energy than just being there to do it. But I left my end of the year message at home on video so that I could personally give the closing message of the year. From what I heard from The Landing all went well. I was live in South Carolina at my parents church and enjoyed worship being led by my brothers son Johnny, and then a performance by my brother John's family right before I gave the morning message. It was historic and moving in many ways.
As all of this was unfolding I realized that our only limitations are on ourselves. If we allow God to have control and to orchestrate our steps we can do so many wonderful things. I was humbled to have such a tremendous chance to minister to two congregations over 1000 miles apart at the same time! God is so good!

Today you have three days left before you finish this year. Three days to tie a bow upon 2008 and walk into 2009. In the Book of Philippians Paul gave some counsel to those that would listen. He said to forget what was behind, strain towards what lies ahead and press on toward the finish line.(my paraphrase) Today, you may need to resolve some issues that you have allowed to manipulate your emotions and affect your attitudes. Focus today on forgetting what is behind. The past needs to remain the past. Learn the lesson and let it go. You cant walk forward if you keep looking back. And always remember, with God ALL things are possible!