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It was a lyric from an old David Bowie tune. It happens ALL the time. How do you deal with change? When you are interrupted or distracted by a sudden shifting of your circumstances, how do you respond? This week, our local schools have been out due to bad weather. Three days in a row, the usual routine of the week was changed. All I could think about was how that changed the lives of people. Mom and Dad still need to work. There are groceries to by and meetings to attend. I know that this has been a tough week for many.
There are many things that are out of our control. Change is one of them. Things happen. Meetings are postponed. School is cancelled. We must learn the art of flexibility. Learning how to "adjust" to whatever comes our way will help us to live a stress free, anxiety absent life. Imagine Mary and Joseph, after traveling to Bethlehem for the census, nearly at the point of having this baby and being told there is no place to stay. The bible does not tell us the emotional state of Joseph during this ordeal.I can imagine it in my mind. Any man that can travel cross country with a pregnant woman has to have developed the art of flexibility! Joe could have used his own angel coming down to tell him that he was highly favored too! But he simply led his wife to another location and made her as comfortable as he could. He got used to being led by God. And the end result was the birth of the savior of the world! Talk about change!
Can I tell you that God is getting ready to birth a miracle in your life too. You may have tried to move out and find a place to "let patience have her perfect work" only to find no room. Things may keep changing. Be flexible. God can lead you if you let Him. Why not let the changes develop you into the person that He desired you to be.