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Christmas Cookies

Tonight at The Landing I begin a three week series that's called Christmas Cookies. There are some cookies that only come out at Christmas time. They are unique to this season which makes them unlike any other cookie. I had my mom send me some of my childhood favorites. And starting tonight, thanks to my good friend Stephanie Stapleton (Chef Stapleton), our church will enjoy some of my favorites while I talk about this subject. There are also some spiritual cookies that I nibble on at Christmas and even chew on throughout the year. My Favorite cookies: My Favorite Scriptures
I am so excited about this one!
Tonights cookie, well we start with a taste-bud extravaganza. Clue...there are several layers! And the spiritual cookie also has a variety of ingredients that are sure to brighten your day and light up your night! Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!
I know, you are probably hungry now and thinking about your own Christmas Cookies. Can you smell them now? Follow the recipe, use the right amounts of all the ingredients and bake until finished. Life works that way too. Take a moment today to write down some of your favorite spiritual cookies and then share them with a plate of your favorite Christmas Cookies. It's the perfect way to spread the Word and feed the dreams of your friends and family!