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Did I say ALL things?

Yesterday you read my post regarding simple mistakes with dramatic results. I forced myself to trust God, let the dust settle and see what would happen. One of my Board Members called me around lunchtime and gave me the name of a friend of theirs that used to book travel. He said that she may not be able to do anything but you could call her and see. Her name was Marilyn. I called Marilyn and she told me that I had done what I should do but that she would try to call her airline representative and see what happens. In less than 10 minutes she had called me back and they were willing to change the flight with no others costs!

After this incredible turn of events had transpired I just began to think about how often I worry and fret over things that God can work out if I as James says, "let patience do her perfect work." Did you ever think about that scripture? What is the perfect work that patience is doing? Let me suggest 2 things: 1-personal perfection in the knowledge of the gospel and the will of God. You will gain more insight and a better understanding of what God is doing and how He is doing it. 2-personal completeness in all graces and gifts of God
In other words you will be complete in everything...nothing will be lacking. If you can wait out the storm, the storm will pass. This little travel snafu has helped me to TRUST more. Yes it is true...ALL things do work out for the good of those that love God!
Thank you Jesus!