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A Dozen

Today is my daughter's twelfth birthday. She's a dozen years old. Great things come in dozens...a dozen roses...a dozen numbers on a clock...a dozen Krispy Kremes...the song 12 Days of Christmas...even Jesus dialed in the number 12 when he was looking for guys to surround himself with. There may be no spiritual lesson to 12 but that is what I am thinking about today. So today I am going to shake things up a bit. Starting at the hour of this post, 8am, every hour I am going thank God for something different. Imagine that? Today, I will be going to Him with thanksgiving at least a dozen times! What is every day I was able to purposefully go to the Lord with thanksgiving 12 times? What if people all over the world today were to to this too! Can you imagine how the Lord would feel to be hearing from His children so frequently...not with a wish list but with a grateful heart. Maybe a lifestyle change will begin today?
So thanks to Jordan, for giving me some inspiration. More importantly for giving me a dozen years of great memories and smiles. Happy Birthday to you!