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The Final Cookie

Yes, that's right, tonight is our final installment of the Christmas Cookies series at The Landing. It's always sad when the meal is over and its time to clean up the dishes! The good news is that these edible and edifying bites that we have enjoyed can be enjoyed even when the season is over.
To prepare for our final cookie I was taken back to yet another of my favorite scriptures: Deuteronomy 28. In this chapter you have an incredible listing of blessings. Most of us have heard them preached and get all excited anytime that we hear them. But there is another part to that chapter. And most of us will stop reading before we get there. It's the listing of curses. You see when we make the right choices, do the right things and say the right words we move in sync with the blessings part. But when we deny the power of God and choose to go about things our own way, there are some terrible consequences. You mean that God;s blessing is conditional? Absolutely! Look that the very beginning of the chapter and you will find two letters standing tall...IF. If you FULLY obey, THEN blessings will overtake you.
Make some good choices today. Do some good things and keep your heart and mind turned in His direction. The recipe for your success hinges on following the directions, letting the heat shape you and then being used for the purpose that you were created. God's word, the edible and edifying word will transform you and get you ready for the best Christmas you have ever had!