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Living in Peace

Jesus once said "my peace I give to you." He also said that it was not the same peace as the worlds peace. Often we tend to think of peace as nothing more than an absence of conflict. But peace in God is so much more. His peace enables us to be still and trust when chaos is happening all around us. That is why He said it was peace that goes beyond understanding. The peace that we sing about this season, the peace we pray for satisfies every need and every area of our lives. Let the peace of God rule your heart scripture says. Peace acts like a filter and when it is activated in our lives it keeps our hearts from being damaged by unpeaceful situations and peace takers.
We are called to be peace-makers. When it is at all possible, live at peace with everyone. Without it, we will fall to pieces.
Are you living in peace today or falling to pieces? The Prince of Peace wants to surround you and fill you with joy, love and hope. Grace and peace be yours and have a blessed weekend!