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No Refunds without Receipt

This will be the phrase of the day...many people will be going to the mall to exchange clothes that don't fit, gadgets that don't work and presents they don't want. And most of the stores will require you to have the receipt for the exchange. Though some will take your returns, some stores will stick to this policy and you will be sent home with something that you will probably re-gift somewhere down the road.
The key to dealing with these exchanges is attitude...stay positive and don't get matter what the outcome. Let patience do her thing. Remember all that joy, peace and love that you have been clinging too for the last few days? Don't let it go back with your gift. Hold on to those feelings and more importantly, hold on to the Lord that is the author and finisher of our faith. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him.
I have to go make your time to read today. Go! Go in peace! Go with God! And don't forget your receipt!