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I was sickened in my stomach this past weekend at the news of the Long Island Walmart store where the security guard was was trampled at the door by shoppers. I was shocked, discouraged and somewhat bewildered by all of that. I had a difficult time comprehending how people could run over a person and step on them for toys and tv's and "stuff". And then it dawned on me...this is our society and culture. What do you mean Cup of Joe?
Jesus said in Revelation, "Behold I stand at the door and knock". If we open it He promises fellowship with us and a life of health in every area. But we tend to walk right over Jesus to the stuff that has become more important...our clothes, our home and car, our friends. Trampling Christ under our feet to go after things. Beating down a doorway that Christ promises to open if we just ask! Many people do this at Christmas. We become more interested in what we are after than what is right there in front of us. It's not about the deals, the's about living SAVED.
After seeing this I was sad, hurt in my heart and then angry. Have we really gotten that far off track? Let's step back and take a good look at the message we are living. We have to learn how to define our priorities and then allow them to guide our decisions and our words and actions. Just like that crowd in NY, we walk over people to get to what is not really important. Life is much more important that any of the trappings of it. People matter to God and they must always matter to us. Doors will open if you ask. Those that wait will learn the power that comes in patience having her perfect work. God forgive us for what happened in Long Island. Forgive those people that walked right over that man to get something that does not really matter. Christ will draw people out this Christmas. Let's learn to love them as He would!