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Sacred Moments

This morning I felt that intimate embrace of Christ. As the storm that surrounded us last night made its way out of the area, a peace and calm fell upon the city. I was up early and the noise of the day had not yet arrived. The sun was still hiding below the horizon. Then suddenly, a glimpse of a new day began to peek above the landscape and light the day. I felt a warmth like that of a blazing fire come over me and I began to thank the Lord for another new friends. And then I felt such a brokenness that I began to ask God to forgive me for the things that I did and said that He was not pleased with. Tears filled my eyes as I began to feel His divine embrace, letting me know that everything was going to be fine and that He loved me in spite of those times I made Him unhappy.
I stayed in that moment for what seemed to be hours, though it was only a few moments and then I asked Him to help me be the father that He created me to be. To help me love those that He places around me and become the man of God that He had in mind nearly fifty years ago when He breathed life into my body.
Thank you Lord for moments like these...sacred moments.