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Saturated with Blessing

This weekend at The Landing we had our annual Christmas event. The event always features some dialogue and a life lesson. Throughout the performance are a spattering of musical numbers by an ensemble of 15 and several soloists and even a trio! As each number was done I was taken back to some heartfelt moments in my life. You see the play was called Christmas through the Decades and it featured music from the 40's through the present day. It's funny how a song can connect you to a memory. Some of the moments brought joy to my heart while others made me cry. Overall, I was sitting there in the middle of one of the most anointed churches I have been in and I was saturated in the blessing of God. I mean I really felt Him!
As you get ready for Christmas I want to encourage you to basque in the blessings that surround you. You may have hit a tough patch and there may be difficulties all around you. But the fact that you are reading this is a good indicator that your heart is searching for hope and that your spirit is being strengthened as you go. Thank God for your breath...the good memories and the chance to get close to Him again at this time of year when the world is well aware of His presence.
We have much to be grateful for, even if we have to try hard to look for it sometimes. God came down to get to know you and intrigue you so that you would want to get to know Him better. Blessings are all around you!