Stop gazing...

Well that weekend is OVER! I am still trying to learn how to do the holiday routine solo as my new normal has not manifested yet...but I keep moving forward. I was preaching about HOPE yesterday as we began our Season of Advent at The Landing. Hope is defined as a cherished expectation that something good is going to happen. I had a difficult time separating myself from His mission as I often feel unworthy to deliver inspiring, life changing messages. In fact, when you aren't used to doing Thanksgiving without family, you can feel somewhat hopeless! And then it was as if God whispered these words into my ear and allowed them to immediately drop into my heart...
Joe, stop gazing at what has left and start praising Me for what is about to come. The season of advent is about hope, expectation and the arrival of Christ. It's what advent means: the coming and arrival of Christ. The first advent was as a baby. The second will be as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
Maybe you have struggled to hold on to hope. The bible tells us that HOPE does not disappoint...that is if we are hoping in CHRIST. Maybe together, you and Cup of Joe can look forward to what God has in store for us in this special season of Christmas. As I began to worship Him in our service, I felt His power and strength begin to close the gaps that had been caused by my weakness. Hope was being restored and elevated in me. Things are about to change and some great and incredible blessings are on their way into my life and yours too! Are you ready to be overtaken by them? Stop gazing and start praising!


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