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Forget what is behind and STRAIN towards what lies in front of you. The best part of your life is yet to come. Everything that you need to live the life that God designed for you is already in you and just has to be stretched out in the direction of your dreams. When you strain forward you reach beyond what is comfortable. Often it hurts which is why it is called straining. But if you keep straining you will reach it! Strain...don't complain!

We've got one more day left to put things in order and walk into 2009 with a clean slate and a fresh start. Now that you have let the past stay in the past and started to stretch yourself forward in ways that you have not stretched before, things will begin to happen and doors will begin to open that no man can shut. Today allow yourself to be optimistic and encourage yourself in the Lord! You can do anything that God says you can do. You can be anything that God says you can be. Reach beyond the comfort zone today and see what happens. Keep your eyes fixed on Christ!