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Thank God It's Friday! As a kid I used to anticipate Friday because it was the end of the school week and the start of a two day break. I grew older and my life changed but I still held on to that TGIF feeling. When I began The Landing and started to preach every weekend something happened. The two day break was gone. Often I would study most of the day Saturday and then after preaching Sunday morning and leading worship I would be brain dead until Monday. The wonderful TGIF feeling was replaced. What did I replace it with? I'm glad you asked! TGIA! Thank God I'm Alive!
Now I don't need a break to be thankful I just need this older and wiser body to get out of bed and start walking through another opportunity filled day. Weekends are still exciting but nothing in comparison to having the opportunity to live another day with Christ and see what blessings He brings my way!
Maybe your weekends have changed too. If that is the case, join me each day as you wake up and move into the wonderful day that God has given you...TGIA!