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What a difference...

a click makes. I am flying my oldest son home for the holidays. Everyone is excited to see him and though it is expensive to fly, I knew he would like it better and I was thanking God that I was blessed enough to be able to do it. Then, yesterday, like an unannounced and unwelcome visitor, I looked at the e-ticket confirmation only to see that I had booked him to fly home January 29th instead of December 29th! Innocent mistake, I just clicked the wrong month...surely the airlines will understand. In my dreams! From the peaceful joy to the world sounds I was listening to of Holiday Music with the smooth velvet voice of Karen Carpenter, I was thrown into a tailspin as they informed me changes could not be made unless I paid all of these unbelievable fees. The fees amounted to twice the price of the ticket! So my innocent little "click" very quickly made me "sick" and it got worse as the airlines began to "stick" it to me!
Now, I have to practice what I preach and teach. I have to understand that even when we make mistakes, God can turn everything around for our benefit. Maybe someone is supposed to fly to Nashville from Tulsa on the 29th of January? What could happen? It's the season for miracles, yes?
Maybe you have made some mistakes and they have cost you dearly. You are powerless to fix the situation and you just have to hold your head up and go on. Join me and lets TRUST God to take our wayward "clicks" and navigate us to a brand new page of tremendous opportunities. Thank Him for mercy and grace. ALL things can AND will work together for good because we love Him and we are trusting in Him!