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Dad, I'm bored!

I have heard that phrase at least a million times from my kids. It means that they have no friends to hang out with and no place to go. Often I will come to the table with ideas...let's go to a movie...out to the funhouse...Wal_mart? But they don't want to do that. Why? Because it's not cool to hang out with your dad like that.
I am still surprised by how easily they become bored. I remember a few years ago I took the kids down to Six Flags over Texas. We spent the entire day riding rides, going into shops, eating food and did I say, riding rides? After 10 hours of non-stop adventure we got back to our hotel and cleaned up a bit. In less than an hour, one of the, uttered those words again...Dad, I'm bored!
Could boredom possibly have nothing to do with activity? Is it a mindset? I'm not exactly certain at the triggers for boredom. Stimulating your mind, your emotions and your body all the time sounds a bit exhausting to me. As we sat in the house yesterday because of the ice storm I kept my mind busy and we walked through the neighborhood, slid on the porch and even took the dog on a walk. It was about 5pm and I heard myself mutter that phrase in my head...I'm bored!
I guess I should really look at what the Lord has created outside and enjoy the great day off. Perhaps I am not getting the benefit out of the things around me...or true enjoyment from them? Am I thinking too much? Maybe boredom sets in when our day is scheduled by something else, like ice, activities we don't want to do or parents?

Fact is that life in Christ is not boring at all. His mercies are new every morning and if we are looking for him, we will find him. So lift up your head, open your eyes and lift your hands...God is about to show you a boredom free day!