Going Through the Fire

This week as I was reading Daniel Chapter 3, I was challenged. Daniels three buddies were asked to bow to the image of the king which they, like Daniel, purposed in their heart not to do. They held to their convictions just as they had seen Daniel do. The king had them brought in and told them they would bow or be thrown into a fiery furnace. Without hesitation they told the king that they would not bow, God would deliver them. And then they said something incredible: even if God does not deliver us, we will still not bow to that image of you! So into the fire they went!

I was challenged because I wondered if I could face such a disaster with the same tenacity as these Hebrew boys. Would I be willing to go through the fire to get to the glory of God on the other side? There is a fire of destruction and there is the fire of God's spirit. The fire of God's spirit glows brighter and consumes the other which explains why the king was able to see the fourth man in the fire, glowing, unbound and unharmed. Though these young men were bound when they went in, the king saw them walking around unbound and unharmed! And when they came out they didnt even smell like smoke!

You may be going through a fiery trial today. Know that the flames of the adversity will be used to burn off anything that has held you captive and kept you from becoming what God designed you to be. Not only will your chains burn off, God will be right there with you through it all. His fire, the fire of the Holy Spirit will consume you and hold back any damaging effects that the flames could have on you. You will go through the fire but you will come out on the other side...filled with the spirit of God and walking in His glory.

Remember that there is no triumph without a trial. God is going to take your mess and give you an incredible message of hope and inspiration for someone else. If life kicks you, let it kick you forward!


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