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The Honeymoon is Over

I was thinking about what this day could look like for our new President. Yesterday was an amazing day to watch and it was clear that there is a great deal of support for Barak Obama. But now the parade route is filled with work traffic. The streamers and decorations are being removed from the dance halls. The songs and the dancing are gone. Today he wakes up to all of the troubles that were here before this multimillion dollar campaign started. This morning he must begin making decisions that he will answer for. The buck stops with him.

As our nation rallies behind this "change" we will all be looking intently at the first few major decisions that fly out of the White House. The parties over, the people are waiting and the nation is postured for success. Say a prayer today for Mr. Obama that God would begin orchestrating even more historic steps in the future that will make our lives level out a bit. Yesterday was a defining moment. How he is defined will be a result of how well he listens and how diligently he governs. He needs us. And we need him.

Pray for your leaders today. Those in your city and state. Those that work at your child's school. God is up to something big! Are you ready for it? This is the day that the Lord has made! Let's rejoice and get back to work! The honeymoon is over!