How Do You See Yourself?

There are many folks today that are unable to live the life that God intended for them because they of the way they perceive themselves. Self-esteem will alter your confidence level as well as your ability to interact properly with others. When you feel insecure about your abilities you tend to isolate yourself from fellowship.
You can never rise above the image you have of yourself in your own mind. Remember Gideon? God saw him as a mighty man of valor but he saw himself as the "least" in his father's house. Until you and I are able to see ourselves as God sees us, we limit ourselves. We cannot live an enlarged life with a restricted attitude.

So how is your confidence level today? Do you realize that as a Christian you are created in the image of God? You are made according to the design He had for you. So lift up your head and be hopeful for the best to happen today. Hope is defined as "confident" expectation. God wants you to keep your hopes up! Isn't it great to be created in the IMAGE of God? I-M-A-G-E: I Am A God Enthusiast!


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