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Ice Ice Baby!

Yesterday afternoon it started...a wet drizzle that became a layer of ice on our streets here in Tulsa. The television was crammed full of reports about the weather and cars were crashing into each other and flipping over right and left. It was a bit misleading because it looked like rain but gathered like ice. Ice, ice, baby!
As I made my way home safely I began to think about how deceptive the streets look. You can be going along just fine as any other day and then all of a sudden your car starts to spin out of control. Life is like that sometimes. You have a great day or some fantastic news. And then something happens...the bottom falls out and you start to spin out of control.
The key to driving on ice is taking it slow and keeping a good distance between you and the car in front of you. Driving through life can use the same advice. Keep some distance between you and things that you could crash into that could cause harm. And take it slow. Sometimes it is the busyness that can ruin the business.
Today, if you are here in Tulsa, you probably aren't going anywhere. Why not read a psalm or a proverb and put on some uplifting music. a fire and watch the ice start to melt in your life as the heat of God's spirit takes over!