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This weekend at our church we have our annual Keyword service. Every year we focus on a word that we feel best directs our vision and fulfills our mission for the year. I will tell you what this does for all of centers us and gets us on the same page at the very beginning of the year.

In Hebrews 12 the bible talks about fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith. You see what we focus on we bring to life in a powerful way in our lives. So at The Landing, we will set our viewfinder on our Keyword for 2009 and then take the snapshot. That image will stay in front of us and be burned on our minds all year long.

Do you have a keyword for 2009? if you had to put all of your energies behind one word that best describes where you are going, what would that word be? Maybe this is the year that you become more definitive in your focus. Some cameras have a face finder which is a square you center on the face in the picture you are taking. What will the face be on your year? Point, focus and click! Then get ready to enjoy the image that you are focusing on!