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The Lions Den

Daniel had what may be defined as a traumatic experience because he chose not to defile himself by doing things that were contrary to his God's plan. In Daniel 6 he and his buddies are thrown into a den of lions because they prayed the their God and not the gods of the king. All night long they were in the den with man-eating lions. That's where God showed up and shut the mouths of the lions so that the next day, they were able to testify once again that Daniel's God was the One worthy of honor and praise.
This weekend, about 40 men gathered at The Landing for a Lions Den encounter. We had many wonderful speakers that brought the passion for Christ and His purposes to the forefront and God visited us in a special way. It was a 24 hour event and though it was a bit uncomfortable to change our daily routine, God was there for us because we were there for Him. I realized that night that He will meet you even if you are in the middle of a traumatic situation just like Daniel was.
Perhaps you too are in a den of lions and wondering if you are going to be eaten alive. Daniel's secret was prayer. Three times a day he prayed to God for peace, guidance and safety. That diligence and discipline gave him all that he needed to not only live in the lions den but to live through it! You will come out of this thing alive and well if you trust Him. So do not be discouraged. This is your moment! Let the lions roar! You are more than a conqueror!